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Why choose our wraps?

Bee Green Wraps, also known as Beeswax wraps, are the natural alternative to Cling Film.  All beeswax wraps are not the same! We differ to many other beeswax wraps, which are increasingly widely available, for the following reasons:  

Alongside being super-easy to use, our wraps are:

  • Re-usable - each one lasts for around a year
  • Washable - simply rinse in cold or tepid water
  • Mouldable - they easily fit around anything and are thick enough to really work!
  • Strong - tough and resilient, they do not tear easily!
  • Non-bobbling - unlike a lot of other wraps, when washed, our wraps don't bobble!
  • Water-resistant
  • 100% natural
  • Organic
  • Compostable - when you eventually come to get rid of your beeswax food wrap it can go in your recycler or on your compost heap! 
  • Beeswraps are made from Beeswax, Organic jojoba oil, tree resin and organic cotton

 Why choose Bee Green Wraps as your beeswax wrap?

We are different to many other brands - our competitors generally use Pine resin in their wraps, which is a cheaper and more widely available product than the Dammar tree resin we use.  It also leaves a distinctive pine scent on the wraps.  Dammar tree resin prevents the common problem found when using pine resin of wax 'bobbling' on the beeswax wraps after just a few washes - this means that our wraps last longer, generally for around a year.  Dammar is FDA approved for use in food storage. 

In addition, our cotton is certified organic and is very thick, ensuring that our wraps are extremely high quality.  We have over 400 reviews (and counting!) on our website of our beeswax wraps from our delighted customers, which are testament to the quality of our ranges.