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Bee Green Wraps VIP programme

Introducing the latest addition to the BGW loyalty scheme

Join our VIP programme for added benefits, discounts, coupons and more!

 We want to thank our most loyal customers by giving them access to a special range of discounts and rewards.  Our programme is summarised below, but we add special rewards and incentives frequently and will keep you informed of these by email and here, on our page.

What's in it for you?

beeswax wraps bronze vip rewards

As soon as you register as a customer on our site, you will become a Bronze Member of our programme.  Your earn points every time and you shop with us and will hear about special discounts and rewards.  

beeswax wraps silver vip rewards

Spend £60 in 2020 to become a Silver Member! As a silver member you will automatically qualify for 12% off your orders with us for a year as well as benefitting from special offers that we will communicate to our members from time to time.  


beeswax wraps gold vip rewards

Spend £100 in 2020 to become a Gold Member.  Our gold members will receive a complimentary medium sized wrap and 15% discount off all orders with us for a year after hitting this spend level.  

 Bee Green Wraps are the natural alternative to cling-film.  They are:

- Reusable: each wrap lasts for around a year if properly cared for
- Easy to clean: simply wash under tepid water
- Mouldable and water resistant: use the warmth of your hands to mould them around dishes
- Compostable: compost at end of life, so no waste whatsoever!
- High quality: made from limited edition prints, our beautiful organic wraps are made from thick, organic cotton