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About Us

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our site! I am Katie, a Mum of two.  

I am proud to introduce you to Australian Organic Beeswax Food Wrap here in the UK.  Beeswrap are the natural, organic, reusable food wrap, which works just like cellophane/saren wrap and can replace aluminium tin foil sandwich wrapping.  Our wraps are carefully made on an organic small-holding near Sydney from organic Australian beeswax and we import them (slowly!) by boat, to ensure they retain their 'green' footprint.

Our wraps are reusable, simple to use and, if properly cared for, last for around a year.  They are tough, water resistant and bio-degradable.  Our bees wrap differ to others out there as they are made using sustainable dammar oil, rather than pine resin, which makes them especially robust and avoids the wax 'bobbling' found on some other beeswrap after washing.  They look great, too and each wrap is made from a limited edition print designed especially for us! They are so practical as well as being the perfect gift or stocking filler. 

I'm always looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that we create at home.  I don't like the amount of single-use plastic we go through.  About eighteen months ago I stumbled across beeswax food wrap, the natural, organic and compostable alternative to clingfilm and aluminium tin foil wrapping.  I felt beeswrap provided a perfect opportunity to reduce our cling-film and foil consumption.  They are the simple reusable food wrap - I used to use loads of cling film, together with zip-lock bags, in my family's packed lunches.  It went from there really and I'm proud of the high quality product we have created and can offer to you and your families today. 

Thank your for looking and we hope you love them as much as we do!   

Katie and the team