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Onya bread bag

Onya Bread Bags - Charcoal

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Carry your bread home in style with these vintage-look bread bags made from recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET).

The bag measures 41cm long, 27.5cm wide and can fit high loaves, up to 16cm. 

The bag features a roll and clip closure, ensuring maximum freshness is maintained by reducing air movement around the bread.

You can also freeze your bread for up to three months in these bags, the unique double lining and airtight roll and lock closure will prevent freezer burn.

To clean, simply remove the lining and shake out the crumbs or, for a deeper clean, hand wash in lukewarm water.


  • Made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET)
  • Pull through inner lining for easy cleaning
  • Double lined to help lock in freshness
  • Freezer proof
  • Fits most sized loaves
  • Roll and clip closure also acts as a carry handle
  • 100% recyclable & sustainable
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Packaging is suitable for both recycling or composting