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How do you beeswrap?

More than just a way to wrap food.... 9 imaginative uses for Bee Green Wraps

It’s crucial that we rapidly reduce our plastic footprint on the planet and one way we can do that is to make some eco-friendly life swaps.

Using organic cotton beeswax wraps to cover food instead of one-use plastics like Clingfilm and sandwich bags is a great start, but did you know wax wraps have a whole host of other inventive plastic-free applications?

Clever kitchen kit

You may already have a stack of them in your kitchen, ready to envelop sandwiches, fruit, cheese and more. But, as well as looking after your food, beeswax wraps can also be handy in ways you may not have thought of!

A jaunty jar opener

Some lids feel like they’re welded on to the jar: they’re almost impossible to undo without straining a muscle in your hand. The addition of a beeswax wrap, however, means you can open without injury.

Cover the lid of the bottle with the wrap, pressing the sticky side down, and then try to turn it. The wrap will grip without slipping, making it much easier for you to twist it off.

A fancy funnel

A funnel is one of those odd items you rarely use and so can never remember where it’s kept when you do actually need it. The next time you can’t locate it, whip out a wrap (newer ones hold their shape well), roll it into a cone and bingo: you can easily pour dry goods from one container to another!

A dapper dough cover!

Many bread recipes call for Clingfilm when it’s time to prove the dough, but a wax wrap will do the job just as well, with no plastic waste afterwards. You can also use them if you’re making kefir.

A funky fridge accessory!

Line your fridge shelves with a wrap: they’ll stick fast, so there’s no sliding about, and can also be used as a waterproof layer at the bottom of compartments. When they need changing, you can peel them off and give them a cool wash, leaving a clean surface below.

'Green' gift wrap

Receiving a beautifully-wrapped present is a treat but fancy paper gets ripped off and thrown away. And the glittery, shiny stuff can’t even be recycled. How about using beeswax wraps instead? They won’t create more landfill, and could even be considered as gifts in themselves!

Flower Power

Next time you visit the florist, take a large beeswax wrap with you.  Ask for your flowers to be wrapped in it, instead of cellophane or paper. Choose one with a pretty pattern, which your friend can then keep along with the flowers. With a few origami skills they also get a third present: as the wraps are water-resistant they can double up as bud vases!

Encase your edibles!

If you are the kind of person who enjoys baking for friends, then a beeswax wrap is a pretty way of packaging them, rather than using plastic. Brownies and flapjacks can be parcelled in small wraps or, with just a little more application, you can fashion a box or basket out of one to safely transport more delicate items, like cupcakes.

An earth-kind travel companion

Not only should you keep beeswax wraps in your house, there should also be a pack in your car, your overnight bag, your cool bag…everywhere, in fact! They’re incredibly versatile: take a look below at a few of the things they can be used for when you’re on the road…

Picnic Pal

As well as covering food to save wrapping sandwiches in foil or bringing fruit in plastic bags, your wraps can be used as makeshift plates, bowls or even mugs if you run out or as an emergency cover for a bottle if you’ve lost the cap.

And the enemy of eating outside, the wasp, can be thwarted if you use a wax wrap to pop over fizzy drinks and sugary treats.

Nifty for nippers

Anybody who regularly travels with small children will know that you need a constant stream of items to entertain them with.  A beeswax wrap bag is a brilliant way to ensure you always have something ready to stop cries of ‘I’m bored’. Mould your wrap into a bag shape, using the heat from your hands to stick the sides together. Pop dice, a pack of cards, small notebooks, crayons, Lego or other toys inside and seal it closed.

Wraps are also a simple way to transport snacks for your kids on days out: no bulky plastic boxes to lug around and no rubbish to dispose of afterwards.

An overnight organiser

Keep a set of beeswax wraps accessible on every trip you take, as you never know when you might need one. Here are two ideas to start you off:

If you’re staying somewhere overnight you’ll need to take a toothbrush. Keep that toothbrush from picking up any unwanted fluff or germs from the inside of your washbag by creating a non-plastic holder: a small wrap can be moulded into a rectangle shape to keep it stored hygienically.

If you take a new soap away, but forget to bring anything to put it in, a wrap can be used to transport it home. Because the wraps are water-resistant, it doesn’t matter if it’s still covered in bubbles: just make sure you’ve sealed the edges together before you pop it in your suitcase!