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Getting ourselves noticed!

Hello everyone

It is great to celebrate success and I've found that one of the biggest challenges trying to launch a completely new brand is getting ourselves noticed without going bankrupt in the process!  I always used to listen to BBC Dragon's Den discussions and be confused by how much was spent on marketing, but I now understand why!  We are a very small business and we do not have a large budget to spend on marketing and have had to rely on word of mouth and for the quality of our products to speak for themselves.

We always knew that Bee Green Wraps were and are a really high quality, organic product and that they differ from other beeswraps available in the UK, are easy to clean and avoid wax 'bobbling' that can affect other wraps.  As well as being made from limited edition prints, our cotton is extra thick and we use a different, organic and sustainable tree resin which makes them longer lasting.  We are so delighted that testers are agreeing with us! Delicious magazine carried out rigorous testing of our wraps in their kitchens and loved them.  They chose them to appear in their 'Christmas Gift Guide that every food lover needs' in their Christmas Edition and it didn't cost us a penny! (See the picture for this blog!).

We've also been selected to appear in Time Out London's Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies & Boozies - again, we were simply relying on the quality of our product to speak for itself!

We just wanted to share our delight at getting noticed and to say we hope you are enjoying you wraps too.  If you have photos of them in use we would love to see them!  Simply email them to or post them on our Insta @beegreenwrapsuk or Facebook @beegreenwrapsuk

Thanks for reading this!

Katie x