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Another nine ideas for reducing your plastic footprint...

Well, we promised you that we'd share another set of our top tips for living with less plastic.  This time we can't take the credit for these ideas - they come straight from our friends at , but we loved them so much that we just had to share them.  They are simple to follow and, if we all tried that little bit harder and followed at least some of them, they'd have a massive impact... 

1.  Bring your own shopping bag - So simple and obvious, but effective.  The UK Government is consulting on increasing the cost of plastic bags from 5p to 10p each as well.  Put them permanently in the boot of your car and you are much less likely to leave them at home (my favourite trick!).

2.  Carry a reusable water bottle - this will save you money, too and enables you to skip the single use plastic trap.

3.  Bring your own cup - You may have read that some major supermarkets, including Waitrose, are phasing out single use coffee/tea cups for their customers, a move that they say will remove an incredible 52 million cups from the waste stream.  Bringing your own cup is the way to go!  Check out these reusable coffee cups from Great Little Rewards .

4.  Pack your lunch in reusable containers or use Beeswraps to wrap up up your sandwiches and cover your salads.  

5.  Say no to disposable straws & cutlery.  Check out The Independent newspaper's recommendations for reusable straws and cutlery.

6.  Don't use plastic bags to put your vegetables and other produce in.

7.  Dine in - avoid the plastic that comes from takeaway meals, saves money, too! 

8.  Store your leftovers in glass jars or bowls.

and finally....

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